Current Projects

We have initiated several exciting projects in recent years. Here is an updated overview:


100 MW Wind Farm in Northwestern Mauritania

Since the project's inception in August 2019, weelectrify.Africa has conducted all feasibility, wind, and environmental impact studies. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) took place on October 4, 2021, at the Ministry of Energy. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is currently being negotiated, and following the receipt of World Bank guarantees (summer 2024), a partial sale of WestStream-1 to institutional investors is planned. weelectrify.Africa will oversee the construction and operation of the wind farm and retain a stake in WestStream-1, ensuring a steady income from the sale of wind power. According to an external study by Fichtner, WestStream-1 is projected to save approximately 300,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Additionally, Mauretania is expected to save around 60 million US dollars in foreign currency expenditures on fossil fuels each year.

Vocational School in Nouakchott

Training Skilled Professionals

As part of the major WestStream-1 project, weelectrify.Africa is constructing a vocational school with a boarding facility (36 places) in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. Approximately 80 students per year will receive on-site training to become skilled professionals. The construction and operation of the vocational school are financially supported by GIZ and the EU under the DeveloPPP program. View Construction Plan


6 MW Wind Farm in Western Mauritania

The Chami-1 wind project aims to supply energy to small businesses involved in ore and mineral processing. These production facilities are not connected to the power grid and currently rely solely on generators. Approximately one tanker truck of diesel is consumed there every week. weelectrify.Africa is investing upfront and has initiated a measurement campaign for the wind assessment.


50 MW Wind/Solar Park in Northern Mauritania

Sfariatt is a project located in the desert, 200 km away from civilization and the power grid. An off-grid solution combining wind, solar, and battery storage is being pursued to provide power to eight large-scale enterprises with over 10,000 employees. This offers an alternative to the current reliance on diesel generators. A measurement campaign for the wind assessment has been initiated.

Isiolo Merù

60-70 MW Wind Farm in Central Kenya

The Isiolo Merù wind project is ready for construction. All studies have been completed, and a substation has already been built. The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is currently being negotiated with the new government. Once successfully concluded, we can proceed!

Mains storage

weelectrify.Africa complements electricity production plants with adapted storage systems to stabilise the grids. Li-ion batteries in container solutions are used for this purpose.


weelectrify.Africa is in discussions regarding hydrogen with iron ore mines in Mauritania. To maximize energy efficiency, on-site consumption of hydrogen is preferred. The production of methanol or ammonia is also being considered.

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