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Everyone is talking about climate change.
We are taking action.

Our first crowdinvesting project

The WestStream-1 project consists of three parts:

1.) 100-megawatt wind farm
2.) Battery storage for grid stabilization
3.) Construction and operation of a vocational school in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania

The WestStream-1 project was launched by us in August 2019. The goal of the project is to build a 100-megawatt wind farm in the northern high-wind region of Mauritania (to put it in perspective: this is equivalent to a wind farm with 50 turbines, each with a capacity of 2 megawatts, which could power approximately 100,000 households in Europe).

The revenue from the crowdfunding is used to finance the current project phase, including all necessary assessments, wind studies, soil studies, environmental and social impact assessments, banking retainers, logistics planning, and construction preparation.

The following timeline presents the key milestones and their chronological planning:

08/19 Establishment of WeA, Start of WestStream-1 Project
Crowdinvesting 03/21
10/21 MOU
Feasibility Studies: Environmental Impact, Soil, Social, Logistics 10/22
01/23 Power Study Infrastructure Planning
Q2/24 Land rights WestStream-1
PPA Q2/24
Q3/24 Sale to Institutional Investor
World Bank Guarantee Q3/24
Q4/24 Financial Close
Commencement of WestStream-1 Construction (Foundations,...) Q1/25
Q1/26 Installation of Wind Turbines
Start of Vocational School Construction Q2/26
Q2/26 WestStream-1 Begins Power Generation
MOU = Memorandum of Understanding: Partnership agreement between the government and the project developer Environmental Impact Study
Soil Study: Geological conditions of the construction site
Social Impact Study: Potential impact on the local population from the construction and operation of the park
Logistics: Planning and evaluation of the transport of construction machinery and turbines
PPA = Power Purchase Agreement with the electricity provider for the farm's duration
World Bank Guarantee: The World Bank subsidiary MIGA insures the construction and operation of the park against political risks (civil war, terrorism, political reluctance, etc.)
Due Diligence: Banks review the economic planning of the project
Risk Studies: Banks assess the risk of the involved parties and the applicable interest rate for the project
Financial Close: Contract between all parties involved, outlining the rights and obligations of the project partners

The crowdfunding is closed.

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100 Megawatt Wind Farm
- WestStream 1-
Atlantic Coast
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Financing Conditions

Financing Type:Subordinated Loan
Financing limit:EUR 1.000.000
Interest Rate:7% per annum
TermUntil June 30, 2023
RepaymentOne-time lump sum
Interest Payment:One-time lump sum
Minimum Subscription Amount:EUR 50
Subscription Period:6 Monate
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1. Reduction of approximately 300,000 tons of CO2: WestStream-1 will generate approximately 450 GWh of green electricity per year.

2. Savings in foreign exchange: Approximately $60 million per year in imported diesel for electricity generation

3. Education: With the proceeds from the sale of electricity, a vocational school with a boarding facility in the field of electrical engineering will be established in Nouakchott in cooperation with GIZ and with financial support from the EU's DeveloPPP program. All training positions are free of charge for applicants.

4. Creation of skilled jobs in the vocational school and around the WestStream-1 wind farm.

Use of Funds:

The development of wind farms requires great care. This includes the examination of the usual prerequisites through wind and soil studies, as well as on-site PPA negotiations conducted in the country.

The funds collected will be used to cover costs incurred between planning and the start of construction. This includes assessments, specialized planning services, structured financing, and comprehensive transport and construction insurance development.

The accredited studies and measurement campaigns as part of the project development serve the financial partners and insurers. The wind farm is backed by an investment guarantee from the World Bank. There are also startup costs that need to be covered before actual construction begins.

Infrastructure for Africa:
On the path to green electricity.

World Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

High-Quality Education:

The construction of wind farms requires qualified personnel. weelectrify.Africa aims not only to train its crew but also to promote the electrical trade as a whole. To achieve this, young adults will be trained in electrical and mechanical professions in their vocational school with an attached workshop.

Gender Equality:

weelectrify.Africa places great emphasis on gender equality. Job positions within the company are filled as evenly as possible. This includes technical professions for girls and women and office roles.

Affordable and Clean Energy:

weelectrify.Africa's unique selling point is the provision of affordable electricity (planned at 7 cents per kWh). The business model is based on the continued operation of fully refurbished and guaranteed old plants from Central Europe. These plants have been fully depreciated in terms of CO2-footprint.

Decent Work and Economic Growth:

From the very beginning, weelectrify.Africa will positively influence the economic growth of the target countries. Providing affordable sustainable energy within their countries decouples them from fossil energy markets. This improves the balance of trade and reduces capital outflows.

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure:

weelectrify.Africa's power plants also serve to stabilize the existing grid infrastructure. The battery storage system represents a milestone for Mauritania's power grid. The supply of electricity is coordinated with the local power utility, Somelec, and enables the shutdown of old and inefficient diesel generators with low-frequency stability.

Sustainable Consumption and Production:

weelectrify.Africa utilizes wind turbines from European old stocks. The CO2 footprint and embodied energy of these plants are significantly lower than those of new installations. The company also focuses on sustainable and low-wear management of plants for extended operational life.

Climate Action Measures:

weelectrify.Africa constructs base-load-like wind farms in regions with very high wind potential. These wind farms help prevent Africa from purchasing fossil power plants from the Western world, further exacerbating the climate problem.

Partnerships to Achieve the Goals:

weelectrify.Africa strengthens the technical and financial mobilization of local resources. This is done with our support from Europe, with the assistance of development banks and local forces. The project actively promotes the transfer of environmentally friendly technologies to the target countries.

Notice pursuant to § 3 (2) WpIG "Frankfurter Finanzanlagenvermittlung GmbH" is a contractually bound intermediary within the meaning of § 3 (2) WpIG and acts exclusively for the account and under the liability of Effecta GmbH, Florstadt, when brokering financial instruments pursuant to § 2 (2) No. 3 WpIG.