Light and Electricity
for everyone.

weelectrify.Africa UG, founded in 2018 in Munich, develops wind farms and energy solutions for Africa. Our business model is based on the continued operation of high-quality, robust, and refurbished wind turbines from Central Europe. Starting in 2025, we will construct and operate our first wind farm, WestStream-1, in the north of Mauritania. In the future, we also intend to work on the topic of hydrogen.

The Team

Philipp Wagner

Founder, CEO
Focus: Project management, technology, financing

Ramzi Kamraoui

Focus: Project management, technology

Dr. Thomas Wächter

Focus: Corporate law

Marco Scharobe

Focus: Loads, Investment appraisals, calculation of residual term

Sabine Scharobe

Focus: appraiser, bank dialog, financing

Dr. Wolfgang Körner

Focus: Financing, crowd investing, vocational school

Sarah Hausmann

Focus: Public relations, investor relations, vocational school

Fany Mayer

Focus: Planning

Mirko Schütz

Focus: Project work

Jöran Steinmetzer

Focus: Infrastructure, construction, planning

Taisija Miloslavski

Focus: Collection and maintenance of infrastructure data, Education and regional development

The team at weelectrify.Africa has extensive experience in the construction and operation of renewable energy power plants. Our network consists of numerous other experts in wind turbines, project development, grid compliance, maintenance, balancing power, and energy management.

The Business Model for Africa

weelectrify.Africa designs wind farms specifically tailored to the needs of the population in Africa. In comparison to highly industrialized countries, the lower purchasing power and weaker infrastructure play a significant role here.

To produce affordable electricity, our parks are planned using refurbished used turbines from decommissioned and repowered European wind farms.

These early-year turbines are very robust, resilient, and durable. Therefore, they are particularly well-suited for our locations on the edge of the Sahara.

To enable a secure operating model for the continued operation of the turbines in Africa, weelectrify.Africa uses a specially developed maintenance concept with its monitoring and extensive spare parts management for operations far from any high-tech infrastructure.

The Framework

The countries around the Sahara have excellent areas for the construction and operation of wind farms. The sparsely populated areas facilitate the approval of wind parks.

In the eastern part of the Sahara, numerous wind farms have already been realized in Egypt. In Morocco, the capacity of operational wind farms exceeds 1 GW. In the western part of the Sahara, Mauretania, in particular, is embracing wind power. The country has around 130 MW in operation. Simultaneously, the expansion of power transmission lines along the West Coast is progressing to transport the energy to consumption centers.


The locations are carefully examined through studies and measurement campaigns and selected and determined in collaboration with local authorities based on various criteria. The focus is on supply security and social compatibility with local value creation.


The turbines decommissioned in Central Europe undergo intensive inspection and refurbishment by the manufacturer. They are then provided with a new manufacturer's warranty and released for export to Africa.

Well-maintained and robust wind turbines from the early years are designed for a lifespan of over 25 years.
In reality, they are often replaced with more efficient models (repowering) after 15-18 years.
At this point, turbines decommissioned at onshore locations have often only experienced 30-50% of their design load.
These turbines can continue to operate in wind-rich locations in Africa and generate electricity for another 15-20 years.
"Emission-free, low-cost energy, qualified local jobs, reuse of valuable resources - the concept of weelectrify.Africa fulfills all important characteristics for truly sustainable business and effective climate protection." Carolin Schenuit
Managing Director
Forum Ökologisch-Soziale Marktwirtschaft (FÖS)

Infrastructure for Africa:
Paving the Way to Green Power