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«One of these great ideas to achieve the European Green Deal!»

Bundesminister Dr. Gerd Müller

Michael Krake, Ministerialdirigent

The power of the crowd

Everybody is talking about climate change. We do not talk, we act.
Invest in a better future!


Due to its sustainable and ecological character, our business model is especially suitable for a flexible and shared type of financing: Crowdinvesting.

Crowdinvesting is the type of investment vehicle where many individuals work together to achieve common economic goals for the environment and the community. We therefore made a clear decision in favour of crowdinvesting, where investors can invest directly at the cutting edge of the development of sustainable power plants, climate protection and the development in Africa, while at the same time achieving attractive returns.

Your involvement in active climate protection is direct and exciting!

Investment Case

Strong economic growth and promoting energy-infrastructure on the African continent opens up considerable potential for renewable power plants.

Africa wants to achieve 100% electrification by 2030. Currently, we are at 47 percent in the sub-Saharan region. Due to global warming, 1.2 billion people will need electricity for cooling in 2040. The trend away from expensive imported diesel for power generation and the associated outflow of foreign currency, as well as the ongoing expansion of production activities in Africa, will cause great demand for locally generated sustainable electricity to continue this growth.

This financing round will serve the acceleration of the project development of our 100 MW WestStream-1 wind farm in the north of Mauritania, that is already in progress. The planned annual electricity production of 450 GWh (in Europe this would be equivalent to the consumption of 30,000 households) will be purchased by the local utility Somelec and used for general electrification and to support sustainable mining.

The basis for a local vocational school in the field of electrical engineering will be established in cooperation with GIZ. The employees required for the project will be trained here and moreover other interested young adults will be given the opportunity to receive training for a promising future in the expansion of renewable energies in Africa.

We intend to raise EUR 1,000,000 of capital in the format of a subordinated loan within this crowd investment. With our business approach, we offer our investors interest of seven percent annually.


The wind farm development will be transferred to a construction and operating company after the completion of the planning phase. From these revenues the loans including the accumulated interest will be repaid to our investors.

The WestStream-1 wind farm will be sold to an independent and internally financed local subsidiary after the successful project development. For this transaction we already received the letter of intent from a senior European institutional investor. The required debt capital will be provided by international development banks. The local subsidiary will then take care of the construction and operation of the wind farm. The revenues from this transaction will also be used to repay the mature loan including interest to our investors.

Funding terms

Funding instrument Subordinated loan
Funding maximum EUR 1.000.000
Interest rate 7% p.a.
Maturity 30.6.2023
Loan repayment at maturity
Interest payment at maturity
Subscription minimum EUR 50
Subscription period 6 month
Already invested EUR 78700

Investment information sheet
Terms of the loan
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 45% Project Development    22% Infrastructure   15% Personnel    12% Sales / Marketing    6% Finance Costs  

Fund allocation

The collected funds will be used to cover costs incurring between design and start of construction, i.e. for accredited surveys, specialist planning services, structured financing including the preparation of a complete transport and construction insurance policy, which will cover the entire period until the WestStream-1 wind farm is up and running.

Wind farm development in Africa requires great care. This includes the usual basic studies like wind and soil assessments as well as PPA negotiations that are done locally in the country.

The accredited studies and measurement campaigns serve the financial partners and insurance companies. In addition, there are further expenses within the contracting process as well as costs for training of our own personnel and team of experts. The wind farm will be backed by an investment guarantee from the World Bank. Here, as well, start-up costs occur which have to be covered before financial close.

At the time of financial close, institutional investors get involved into the execution of the wind farm, whereby their financial participation remunerates our advance performance in the project development. With these funds we will also repay the loans and interest to our crowd investors.


The crowd investing campaign will be successful as soon as weelectrify.Africa UG brings at least 30 MW to construction within three years. Current discussions with the Mauritanian government and development banks and institutional investors are targeting for a total capacity of 100MW.

Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs

Quality Education

The construction of wind farms requires qualified personnel.

weelectrify.Africa has set itself the goal not only to train its own maintenance team, but also to promote the electricity business as a whole.

To this end, we will train young adults in electrical and mechanical skills in our own vocational school and in our workshops.

Gender Equality

weelectrify.Africa pays great attention to gender equality.

Vacant positions in our company are filled between women and men on a parity basis if possible.

In addition to office work, this will also include technical professions for girls and women.

Affordable and Clean Energy

The unique selling point of weelectrify.Africa is the production of inexpensive electricity.

The business model is based on the continued operation of dismantled European wind turbines.

Thus the price of electricity harmonizes to the purchasing power of the consumers.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

weelectrify.Africa will have a direct positive impact on economic growth of target countries from the first moment on.

The provision of domestic sustainable energy decouples countries from fossil energy markets, improves external accounts and reduces the outflow of capital and foreign currencies.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The power plants of weelectrify.Africa also help to stabilize the existing grid infrastructure.

Electricity supply is coordinated with the utility company and enables the shutdown of old and inefficient diesel generators with partly very poor frequency stability.

Responsible Consumption and Production

weelectrify.Africa uses pre-owned European wind turbines.

The CO2 footprint and grey energy of these plants are much lower than new plants’ one.

The company also ensures that the farms are managed in a sustainable and low-wear manner to ensure operations for as long as possible.

Climate Action

weelectrify.Africa builds base-load like wind farms in regions with very high wind supply.

These wind farms help making Africa independent from fossil power plant purchases in the Western and Eastern World, which would continue to make the climate problem even worse!

Partnerships for the Goals

weelectrify.Africa strengthens technically and financially the mobilisation of local resources.

This is done with our help from Europe, with support of development banks and local forces.

The project actively promotes the transfer of environmentally friendly technologies to the target countries.



Good network and knowledge in the field of the purchase of used wind turbines and repowering

Strong expertise in determining remaining lifetime of equipment

Experience with dismantling and logistics of wind turbines

Strong network and deep knowledge of local structures for business ramp up in Western Africa


Young company with sufficient but not unlimited resources


Wind farm development in countries without over-regulation and bureaucratic obstacles as well as rapid approval and building-permit

Increasing of electricity price

Wind farm development in desert regions without land use or habitat conflicts with flora and fauna

Growing electricity demand

Attractive all-in packages for customers: structurally weak regions are upgraded and benefit from encompassing infrastructure measures and additional offers, such as vocational schools, training colleges and sustainable jobs.


Development can be adversely affected by global or local political interests

Sharp drop in electricity prices

Possible disadvantage against strong competitors during tender rounds


Crowdinvesting is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a larger number of people, typically via the Internet. It is a type of financial investment. The risk is spread over many thousands of people. Unlike donation-based crowdfunding, however, crowd investing repays the invested capital plus an additional return after a fixed time period.

All private individuals aged 18 and over who have full legal capacity and act on their own account can invest in this project. Legal entities can also grant a loan. Please contact us directly for this:
Yes, your investments are not visible to others and remain completely anonymous.
Only your first and last name and your e-mail address are required for registration. For an investment the following data is required: First and last name, address, date of birth, landline or mobile phone number, e-mail address and bank account details. On the one hand, the banking details are important in order to pay the interest and to reimburse your investment. On the other hand, it is also important that you transfer the investment amount exclusively from your specified bank account to the specified escrow account. This guarantees that your bank details have been entered correctly. For security reasons, we may not be able to accept investment amounts transferred from another account and will transfer them back. The collection of personal data is carried out exclusively within the legal framework and in compliance with the applicable data protection law. You will find further information in the Privacy Policy notes (link in footer).
No, there are no costs or fees added to your investment. The registration as well as the investment is free of charge for you. weelectrify.Africa will pay the cost for the crowdinvesting.
You will receive the accumulated interest payments in accordance to the final maturity date stated in the investment information sheet. This means that counting from the day you transferred the funds into the trust account (payment date), the outstanding amount bears interest at an annual rate of 7.0 percent. After three years, the interest is due on 30.6.2023 together with the invested money.

Yes, the income from interest payments received is subject to general tax liability, as is other investment income. You must declare the interest income in your tax return. Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit an exemption order in Germany. However, you have the option of submitting a non-assessment certificate.
Today, the development, construction and operations & maintenance of wind farms is highly professionalised. These activities are always split in at least two separate entities. Project development on one side and construction and operations on the other side. For this reason, the development company sells the project rights to a second entity for construction and operations.
In principle, this is possible. However, it is not weelectrify.Africas intention to sell project rights to third parties. After the development, we want to build and operate these wind farms ourselves. This guarantees reliable operation over many years under our own supervision.
Yes, we keep you informed about the current status and each investor can see how his or her investment is contributing to climate protection.
We intend to launch further crowdinvesting campaigns as part of our projects. These will be announced well in advance.
That is a good question. Our destination countries all belong to the OECD. But they are outside the European Union. We cannot offer credits for CO2 at the present time, but we can imagine becoming involved here in the future. We would then have a new task to think ahead of us...
Wind turbines are a bit like cars. If you treat them well and take good care of them, they can last for ages. Of course, they include also wearing parts, just as with cars, e.g. brake pads wear out. You need to take this wear and tear into account. But with predictive and careful maintenance wind generators produce electricity for a very long time. Our film points this out.
The focus on large units emerges from the history and experience of the founders. We have always been working on large power generation units and are very familiar with these sizes. Regardless of this, we are firmly convinced that we can only change the destiny of our planet, if we seriously get out of fossils and focus only on renewable energies. As experienced engineers, we must face up to this task and responsibility.
We are currently planning a wind farm with a total capacity of 100 MW in Mauritania. However, this wind farm will be built in several construction phases. In fact, the project target of our first farm is three times higher than the break-even point. It is important for us to set the break-even point at a very realistic level.
In Mauritania the negotiations are already very advanced. That is why we have chosen this wind farm as an example for our investors. Our other projects are at an earlier stage and we don't want to explain them here in detail - we are not alone in this market and information is very sensitive...


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